Besides composing, my great passion is teaching composition and composition techniques at the Fontys Conservatory (AMPA) in Tilburg. Since 2008 I have coached gifted young composers in finding and developing their own musical voice.

The musical style of these young composers varies enormously: you can hear influences of ethnic music, romantic classical music, extended tonality, music of the avant-garde, minimal music, film music, afro-cuban rhythm, jazz, pop music etc.

I am very happy with this, because music is not about style, it is about quality and a proper balance between craftsmanship and musical expression.

Some of these students and alumni have their own websites or their music can be listened to via soundcloud. In alphabetical order:

Koen de Boer

Aura Bouw

Michiel Ceulemans

Vlad Chlek

Amin Ebrahimi

Enrico Ferri

Xavier Geerman

Kiete van der Laan

Xavier van de Poll

Loes Reiling

Remy Scheelings

Steven Stoffels

Eveline Vervliet

Kasper de Vries