Fantasia Fonetica

Premiere of Fantasia Fonetica by Cora Schmeiser on Monday August 29, 2016 at the Cenakel Chapel in Tilburg:



Fantasia Fonetica (2016) is a composition for soprano solo and tuning fork. It explores the colourful world of phonetic sounds and the rich melodic world of modes. From the voiceless voice and the sinus tone a’ of the tuning fork, the whole piece of music appears. Essentially Fantasia Fonetica is all about the birth of speech and chant.

Fantasia Fonetica is specially written for the soprano Cora Schmeiser. Cora is a specialist in both medieval and contemporary music. In November 2015, I visited the contemporary music festival NovemberMusic; where I heard Cora Schmeiser sing in her program Vox Sanguinis. In it she combined modern music in a refined and tasteful way with songs by Hildegard von Bingen. Her great performance and beautiful voice inspired me to write this work for her.