Mein Reich ist in der Luft


Mein Reich ist in der Luft– composition for the Heikese Beiaard (02-09-2018)

This composition is written for the Carillon of the Heikese Bell Tower in Tilburg and his carillonneur Carl van Eyndhoven; it was premiered in a celebrational concert on Saturday October 6, 2018.

This beautiful instrument from the famous bell-foundry Eysbouts is a so-called ‘high carillon’ and it transposes a major sixth up. Much use has been made of the astonishing discant of the carillon.

The title of this work is based on an excerpt from a letter from Beethoven to his friend Brunsvik: ‘Mein Reich ist in der Luft, wie der Wind ist, so wirbeln die Töne, so oft wirbelt’s auch in der Seele’