Stefano Miracolo


Stefano Miracolo – composition for Electric Guitar Quartet (17-02-2018)

In this composition, I used a combination of Renaissance Counterpoint, Minimal Music and Funky Rhythm.

The title of the piece (a bold wink at a well-known pop artist) is a big riddle for many Dutch people, but an easy puzzle for Italians. The title is also appealing to me because of the association with the name of a saint (St. Stefano) and a miracle.

This miracle is also symbolized in the music. The piece does not end in the main key c sharp minor, but as a surprise in Mi maggiore ‘the key of heaven’

Combination of styles & techniques

Minimal Music elements. There are many (varied) repetitions of modal cells in this style of music. Furthermore, the minimal music echo effect can be found many times throughout the score.

Renaissance Counterpoint. The canon is essentially a technique from the Renaissance. Various canon types can be found in this piece, often combined with an independent bass line.

Funky Rhythm. You can hear this clearly in the funky bass line; he is the real ‘Stefano’ of the piece, singing and grooving in the grid of the backing vocals, the three guitars.

Premiere, first version and second version

Stefano Miracolo (first version 16-01-2018) premiered at February 6, 2018 in a  concert celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Fontys Conservatorium (AMPA).

The guitar parts were played by three gifted young classic guitar players: Michael van Dijk, Sjors van der Mark and Johan Timmermans. The virtuoso bass guitar part was played by the senior Professor of double bass Marc van Rooij.

The piece was highly praised by both the musicians and the audience. After the premiere I changed a few minor things in the score (mainly in Capital D). This is the second version from 17-02-2018.