Thuis (2016) – composition for string quartet

There is no recording of this work so far, but for an impression you can listen to an electronic performance of the string quartet finale:


Thuis was premiered in a special concert around my work on August 29, 2016 by an ad hoc string quartet with talented students from the Fontys Conservatory, namely Jeanine Melis on violin 1, Marijn Meijer on violin 2, Isaac Poels on viola and Diederik Smulders on violoncello.

Thuis is all about searching and coming home. After pizzicato on the open strings, three quests follow, each time resulting in an aeolian melody. When this melody has sounded for the third time, we finally come home and celebrate. From a funky groove started by the 1st violin, a splashing finale develops full of influences from the dance music of the early nineties.